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White Rose Maths

The school uses materials from the White Rose Maths scheme.

At the start of each policy there is an overview of the different models and images teachers use to support the delivery of different maths concepts.  These provide explanations of the benefits of using the models and show the links between the different operations.

Each operation is then broken down into skills and each skill has a dedicated page showing the different models and images that could be used effectively to teach that concept.

There is an overview of skills linked to year groups to support consistency throughout our school.  

Finally, there is a glossary of terms provided at the end of the calculation policy to support understanding of the key language used to teach the four operations. 

Enjoy maths together all year round

White Rose Maths provides parents with another great way for your primary-aged child to enjoy maths at home.

FREE workbooks for Years 1 - 6 give children and parents an extra tool for enjoying maths together and can be downloaded from the link below.

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