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Black History Month 2021

Year 6

While black history is celebrated year-round, Black History Month is marked annually. It recognises and values the inspirational individuals and events that have shaped the black generation.

During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate the important people from the past and also those who contribute to and help our society today.  

Children in Year 6 have learnt about the influential people in black history and focussed on inspirational quotes and achievements of both historic and modern-day people.

For celebrating Black History Month, the children have learnt about Martin Luther King Jr,  wrote his biography and paid a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the Black community who have strived to make a better world...

Year 1

For Black History Month, the children in Year 1 explored different activities and discussions. While we think it is so important to discuss equality at every point in the year, this time gives us an opportunity to really focus on black history and what they have done to make the world better.

The children have spent several afternoons looking at what black history month is and why we have it, before focusing on some important figures - including Mary Secole, Rosa Parks and Marcus Rashford.

We talked about how important figures in equality fought for justice and the children were amazed that certain elements of segregation even happened.

The children watched a 'real life' story of Rosa Parks and had discussions about how a tiny act of not moving caused hundreds of people to stand up and laws to be changed - we asked the big question; so do you think small changes are important?

Following this, the children looked at African culture as Rosa Parks as African American. They listened to African music, looked at Africa on a map and pictures of local towns and villages. The children looked at African patterns and created their own!

They are full of inspiring and wondering questions and this opened discussions of always being fair and kind. 

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