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Harvest Parcels

For Harvest Festival this year we created Harvest Parcels to deliver to the local community.

The children collected, packaged and wrapped the parcels that could be distributed in the local community and these were collected by Reverend Lizzie who distributed them to the local churches in Leverstock Green and Kings Langley.  

We held a special assembly to thank everyone for their donations and then thought about the question: 'Where does this food come from?'

The school thought about the journey the food had been on in order to reach out tables.  This started from the farmer sowing the crop, the people who catch the fish and the workers in the fields harvesting the produce.  Many of the children were amazed to discover how far the food had travelled, the number of people responsible for transporting it, packaging and delivering to the stores and why it is so important that we understand where our food comes from.

The whole school understood the importance of Harvest Festival and the need to say thank you to everyone involved.


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