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Starting school is a very exciting time and the start of a journey that will extend into adulthood.

At Lime Walk Primary School, we aim to provide all children with a rich curriculum that enables learners to explore and discover the world around them through exciting, practical and hands-on-experiences that foster curiosity and questioning.  Our aim is to equip children with the skills to safely and confidently explore and understand the ever-changing world around them and guide individuals to form views and ask questions that broaden their understanding through structured and systematic teaching.

Throughout our school, children build on existing knowledge and learn to apply skills through a range of activities independently and collaboratively.  As part of our whole school framework, lessons are adapted to meet individual needs and ensure that learning is relevant and personalised to enable everyone to achieve and succeed through a variety of outcomes.  All children are encouraged to make links between concepts taught in the classroom and their own experiences.

In this booklet, we have outlined how your child will be cared for and educated as well as organisation throughout the school. We believe that you as parents are the child’s first educator and hope that close collaboration between school and home will help your child feel secure at Lime Walk Primary School and give you the confidence in us as carers for your child.

Prior to your child starting, we provide opportunities for you to visit with your child and meet their class team and their new classmates. Parents and children will have an opportunity to spend time in their new environment, meet the teaching team and have the opportunity to view the school as well as meet other parents.

I hope that the school will be able to work in partnership with you to provide an inclusive, safe and stimulating environment that inspires your child to become a creative and confident lifelong learner.

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