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The Early Years Foundation Stage at Lime Walk Primary School offers children safety and security from the moment they enter. We offer a stimulating environment with resources that are plentiful and engaging.  Our caring staff are committed to helping children achieve the best of their ability through an engaging curriculum full of first hand, memorable learning experiences.

What would your child experience as they progress through the Early Years?

Our aim is to support children to become happy, confident and independent learners. We offer opportunities and work with children to become resilient through reflective practices, develop their social skills by learning how to work collaboratively, and most importantly – to develop a love of learning. By the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage we aim to equip children with the personal, social, emotional, physical and academic skills needed to support them with their learning into Key Stage One and beyond.

Early Years Teachers and Practitioners

At Lime Walk Primary School we recognise the importance of building strong relationships between all adults and children within the EYFS environment. For children to flourish it is essential they feel happy and comfortable with our teachers and practitioners. It is the duty of Early Years staff to learn the interests of each child and to find what makes them ‘tick’. Staff speak to children clearly and calmly and always make time to listen and show that their thoughts, feelings and opinions are valued and responded to with true empathy and enthusiasm. Many learning opportunities in Early Years are tailored to children’s interests and make use of the outdoor environment. This gives our children the motivation to learn through play experiences they can fully engage with. Staff work closely with children and parents where necessary to adapt and find new ways to hook children into learning and support them to achieve their goals. 

Attitudes towards Learning

It is important for children to develop intrinsic motivation – to feel satisfaction from achieving a goal through their hard work and determination. Children are rewarded through specific verbal praise, which highlights the child’s effort, not just the end result. In addition, children who follow the school’s behaviour policy also receive extrinsic rewards such as stickers and certificates as a visual and motivating incentive. Children are taught how to reflect on their learning and identify how they feel about their achievements. This encourages children to develop a sense of pride in their learning. If children are not performing to their expected standard, an adult will talk with the child to find ways to support them. If no further improvement is observed, communication with parents or carers may be needed. As a result, actions or support would be put into place, working together to find a way to enable the child to reach their full potential.

Helping your child and engaging with parents

In the Early Years Foundation Stage at Lime Walk Primary School we use Tapestry – an online learning journal. Staff share information in the form of photos, videos and work samples to this platform which is available for parents to view on a simple app available on devices such as your phone. This allows parents to always keep in the loop about their child’s learning and we strongly encourage parents to upload their own photos and videos of children learning from home too! Parents are invited regularly to view children’s work in the classroom environment and discuss their child’s learning journey. 

Class Information

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