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At Lime Walk Primary School the curriculum is designed to:

  • build upon children’s prior learning,
  • to provide first hand learning experiences,
  • enable all to develop their interpersonal skills, and
  • to build resilience, inspire critical creative thinking and problem solving thus preparing children for the next steps in their leaning journey 

We do this through the school’s values as well as ensuring the children and staff are aware of their own mental health and well-being, linked to the teaching of skills, knowledge, concepts and values which celebrate diversity and individuality. 

We believe that childhood should be a happy, investigative and exploratory time for children to explore new experiences and grow their thirst for knowledge.

At Lime Walk Primary we engage our learners in a variety of different learning styles, using a variety of resources including

  • Early Years Outcomes,
  • Power of Reading,
  • Values based Education (VbE),
  • National Curriculum statutory guidance,
  • Philosophy 4 children (P4C),
  • as well as Pupil Conferencing. 

We are always looking at modern research and initiatives that will continue to drive the school forward, and collaboratively work with others in order to achieve this. 

We aim to create a calm and purposeful learning culture with a shared vision for all of our learners.

‘Think, Dream, Believe, Achieve’


The school team want the children in our care to dare to dream beyond what they think is possible. At Lime walk we want children to realise their dreams and passionately believe that our curriculum and school values should drive and deliver this belief and goal.

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